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The company


The past is ours experience, our history it's the future

Fastpharma was born in 2006 with the aim of contributing to this evolution with his passion for research and technological innovation. We departed from a new concept of pharmacy: one dynamic space to be experienced and explored with pleasure, designed to offer a new dimension of daily well-being. Our expertise in the construction and renovation of pharmacies and the continuous contact with the world of pharmacists have provided us a deep understanding of the problems and needs of the pharmaceutical business, prompting us to consider, from time to time, both the careful attention to detail and the psychological well-being of those who work in the pharmacy.

The pharmacy is a reality in constant change

Our solid know-how in site organization has allowed us to revolutionize pharmacy renovations with incredibly fast execution times of the works, offering an important advantage to our customers.

A growth constant

Cosmofarma Innovation & Research Award 2023
Our idea for 2023 is to have customers interact with our displays through the new customer oriented solution "EASYWAY" designed by Fastpharma® and applied on our furnishings, assisting the customer in identifying the products of his interest. A display positioned at the entrance of the pharmacy will allow, with a simple touch on the screen, the visualization of the various sectors in which the products are displayed and a light signal will be activated, for a programmed time, both on the sector and on the display where the desired product is positioned.
Innovation & Research Award of Cosmofarma 2019
Discovery is the latest Fastpharma idea that has received, once again in 2019, the Nomination for the innovation and research award: a system that can be applied to any exhibitor of the FASTPHARMA lines, consisting of an optical barcode reader and an LED monitor. To obtain information on a product, just bring it close to the reader and observe the card on the monitor, in complete autonomy. The customer will be able to know the price, understand if it is the right product for him or ask for further information at the counter.
Innovation & Research Award of Cosmofarma 2018
Cosmofarma 2018 confirmed the innovative strength of Fastpharma ideas, assigning them the Innovation & Research Award for the second consecutive year in the Furniture category for E-MOTION, the invisible warehouse.
Innovation & Research Award of Cosmofarma 2017
In 2017, we won the Cosmofarma Innovation & Research Award by proposing the "Desktouch", the first counter which, combining technology and elegance, eliminates any barrier between pharmacist and user.
Innovation & Research Award of Cosmofarma 2016
In design, our commitment has been aimed at the search for intelligent elegance, a research that has led to the creation of the "Smart Line", a product that embodies our passion for quality and innovation and which has earned our company the nomination for Innovation & Research Award of Cosmofarma 2016.

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