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Renew, create And grow

The mission that places Fastpharma among the leaders in pharmacy design is to give back to his client, the pharmacist, an environment where the commercial side is closely linked to the emotional one. Whether it's for a new opening, a room renovation, a furniture renewal or to digitize the pharmacy, Fastpharma and its team of professionals will design your spaces using technologies and strategies to distinguish you in the industry, thus allowing you to offer a personalized service throughout the territory.


There planning stage begins after carefully listening to the requests and needs of the customer and after having carried out an in-depth study of the environments, so as to be able to create an efficient layout and find innovative solutions that can make the pharmaceutical activity simpler and more functional. To this end, we are very careful to study the movements of both the customer and those who work inside the pharmacy, not neglecting the various town planning regulations. The projects are made by a experienced team of engineers and architects.


The render it is the elaboration of an image by the computer carried out thanks to a three-dimensional modeling which is based on the real data of the supplied project. Fastpharma offers its customers a service of customized design and graphic creation of the rendering completely free. The rendering will allow customers to imagine the conceived project in a realistic way, as it allows the realization in 3D of every single detail, also bearing in mind the angle of the light and the various furnishing accessories.

"Keys in hand"

We offer the turnkey service taking care of everything that the construction phase includes: the fulfillment of the bureaucratic procedures relating to the building works and the issuing of authorizations by the health authorities, the construction management, the construction of the building works, the installation of the technological systems (including of necessary certifications), the supply and assembly of the furnishings. let's give utmost importance to timing, therefore it is our priority to guarantee certain times for the execution of the works.

Renovation to "Open Pharmacy"

Fastpharma knows the weight that the closure of the pharmacy can entail during the restructuring and the importance of continuity of customer service. For this reason, we have consolidated a method of intervention which allows the normal activity of the pharmacy to continue during the renovation works.

The pharmacy doesn't close and is renewed!

Communication and Marketing

The pharmacy is not just about furniture and design!

It is important, in fact, to build a ceffective communication that manages to use the most suitable language to gain the trust of customers and that highlights the product by talking about the identity of the pharmacy itself. Fastpharma makes available expert advice and assistance for communication and preparation, ready to give you the most suitable advice to improve communication in the pharmacy.


Our furnishings are designed to give shape to a positive and comfortable environment, both for customers and for those who work there. Fastpharma's design stands out for its minimal lucidity: light, lacquer and high quality glass are skilfully mixed to enhance the visibility of the product and at the same time give an atmosphere of purity and wholesomeness. Furthermore, thanks to their modularity and flexibility, our furnishings allow the pharmacist to personalize your spaces according to the needs of the moment.


Now that the pharmacy, renewed in terms of identity, style and communication, is starting to give the results for which change has been sought, it is essential for us to guarantee active presence even after delivery. We remain in constant contact with our customers to verify the improvements obtained after our intervention, to offer them valid support, for a possible remodulation of internal communication and for assistance on technological systems.