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The hamlet of Bettolino, in the municipality of Mediglia, has been waiting for the opening of its pharmacy for some time. The assignment of pharmaceutical offices has seen a stormy bureaucratic process in many regions of Italy following the numerous appeals which in the case of the Lombardy region have led to a second ruling. In this second round, the first new pharmacy to be inaugurated is precisely the long-awaited one in the municipality of the Milanese hinterland created by Fastpharma.
Dr. Patrizia Carrara, an enterprising pharmacist assigned to the office, has therefore made speed her priority, without however wanting to give up on giving shape to her idea of a pharmacy.
"I want my pharmacy to be an all-round safeguard of well-being for the citizens, that point of reference for health that Bettolino lacked and that its inhabitants are waiting for so much" Dr. Carrara talks to us about pharmacy 2.0 and marries Fastpharma's vision is filled with these words: a pharmacy that is not a simple place for drug procurement, but a space that wants to get closer to customers with dialogue and the inevitable advice of the pharmacist and that meets new needs by expanding its offer of products and services.
There's still not much to wait so, on May 19, the Sant'Anna Pharmacy will be inaugurated, the new wellbeing facility for Bettolino.

May 17, 2018